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[My own CREEPYPASTA] DarkFoxy
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[My own CREEPYPASTA] DarkFoxy
[video=youtube]DarkFoxythePiratE[/video][/align]There was once a kid named Zach.He use to go to Freddy FazBears Pizzaria.But now he is 12,and Freddy's is now CLOSED FOREVER because there will be a NEW OPENING of Freddy's coming soon.Zach had an idea,he had an idea to go on a ghost hunt.So he was going to get his friends. *at night when Zach got his friends and they all went to Freddy's* Isaac:Why did you bring me and Ishmeal here? Ishmeal:Yeah,why? Zach:To go on a ghost hunt. *Zach goes to Freddy's doors and picks the lock with a paper clip he found and they all enter Freddy's* *all of them* What a dump! *Zach then flips the light switch and the lights turn on* Isaac:I'm going to the BackStage. Ishmeal:I'm going to the Kitchen. Zach:I'll be in the BackRoom if you need me.*they all went to were they wanted to be* Isaac:The BackStage doesn't seem so bad. *Isaac spots a curtain* Isaac:I wonder whats on the other side. *looks on the other side and sees Foxy* Isaac:COOL! I've always been a fan of Foxy! Foxy:Well hello mate-mate-matey! I am Foxy the Pir-Pir-Pir-Pirate! Isaac:OMG! What is going on!?...and why is there blood on your hook!? *Foxy standup then cuts Isaac's neck then Isaac falls to the floor dead from the lack of oxygen* Ishmeal:Cool! It's BONNIE AND CHIKA! that blood on you!? What the- *Ishmeal is cut off from talking because get's whacked to the floor by Chika* Ishmeal:Wha-what the... *Bonnie chops Ishmeals head off* Zach: What is up with the thumping to night? Guess I must be hearing things. *Zach spots Freddy FazBear* Zach being sarcastic:Well that's not creepy at all. Freddy:Hey buddy! Are you having fun-fun-fun-fun? HEHEHEHEH! Zach:I'm surprised I liked to hear your voice when I was a kid. *Freddy looks over at Zach* Zach:Ok can s-s-stop with the jokes now! *Freddy stands up still looking at Zach* Freddy:heheheheh...heh-heh-heh-(you can't escape your doom) Zach:What did you say!? *Freddy starts walking over to Zach* Zach:NO!STAY AWAY! NNNOOO!!! *Freddy grabs Zach and bites off Zach's Fronter Lobe then takes out zach's inside and replaces his insides with wires.Then stuff's the Exoskeleton inside of Zach,who is in the suit.The suit looked like Foxy,but with Darker fur,and darker everything* DarkFoxythePirate:Hello everyone-one-one-one-one-(save me) I am your pal! *In a more demented version of Foxy's voice* DarkFoxythePirate! YARHARHARHARHAR!!!(and the childrens parents never found their children,and how DarkFoxythePirate was born.Nobody know's what happened to Zach's friends after they were killed.Only DarkFoxythePirate knows) Phone Guy:Um...well...the trut the reader...well...if you have read this story and found out more about DarkFoxythePirate...the truth is...Freddy Fazbears Pizzaria is a REAL PLACE.It's in South UTA.For your sake thats all i'm telling you...don't go there...because DarkFoxy is helping Freddy Fazbear you all later. *phone turns off*[img]Foxy the Pirate[/img][/quote]DarkFoxythePirate:Yaaarrrgghh!!! Never come here you scally wags! Or you'll all suffer! hahahahahaaaaaa!!!![/php][/size][/i][/color][/u][/b]

DarkFoxythePirate:Now,you all must search through me threads,and all me comments to find my secret! HAH! You don't have to if you don't want to.

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