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[Creepypasta] Froslass
08-16-2014, 03:33 AM
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(I did make this pasta, but I possed it on a different site first!)

Welcome. I am frostlass. You’ve came all this way. Allow me to calm you. Come.
The frostlass drags you to what looks like a gallery.
By the way… You would look great as a picture.
She drags you to what looks like a chair and a table. Frostlass then seats you on a chair, made out of pure ice. She then drops water on your pants.
Oh. Sorry. I spilt water on you. Anyways, sit here while I grab you something to drink. You look dehydrated and hungry. Let me get you some fresh water and some ice cold fruit.
The frostlass leaves the room to get something. You try getting up, but ice has froze over your legs. It’s so thick, you can’t move your legs at all. You decide to look through the gallery. You see a realistic mew and mewtwo in the ice. You see the frostlass coming back.
There you go, dear. I got you a drink and some fruit. Now try it. You’ll love it.
Instantly, you ate the fruit. It was cold as the cave. But it was a Sitrus Berry, your favourite. You drank the whole water. The water… Was so cold. You felt yourself freezing from the inside.
I see you have pokemon. I will let them out for you. They seem cold. It’s warm in here.
She quickly seats you in her gallery. Then she lets out all your pokemon, and seats them too. Quickly, you and your pokemon get frozen over by clear ice , only your head uncovered.
This will only hurt for a second.
Your mouth is oprened by some force. Instantly, the frostlass aims icebeam into your mouth. Your mouth is then closed. The same happens to all your pokemon.
Welcome to my gallery, trainer and pokemon. Now, you are mine. I will keep you in my gallery, with all the pokemon, people, and Legendaries I have frozen. I will freeze them all. You will stay here forever, seeing other pokemon and people being mine. You know why all the cities have been empty lately? Because I’ve frozen them. Heheheheheh…
The frostlass then covers your whole body in clear ice. You can still hear her. She then covers your pokemon with ice. There then is a sudden sound. Frostlass quickly glides over to where the sound came from.
Welcome. I am frostlass. You’ve came all this way. Allow me to calm you. Come.
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