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[Creepypasta] "It"
07-06-2014, 07:25 PM
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It's going to get me soon... I can feel it. I just know it. I had to be cautious with this. I slowly walked my character through the Pokemon Tower. Just...a far more steps until the exit...I was concentrating on the game harder than I've ever concentrated before, hoping that 'it' wouldn't catch me...

The screen went black. A battle animation starts. Distorted battle music starts playing.

No. On the last tile. Why? Why did this have to happen to me...

The screen glitches. Static appeared. The whole screen was covered in static.
'I'm sorry!' I shouted.
Every second an image would flash onto the screen.
I knew what it was.
I never wanted to see it again...

But it caught me. On my screen there was the image that kept flashing. It was still and stayed on the screen. It was staring right at me. It had a horrifying, putrid look, and had a sinister happy look on it's face. It's eyes were huge. It just wanted me to suffer. It was cold, and gruesome. It was excited that it had caught me. It was time for me to feel agony.

I panicked and took out the cartridge, but it was still there. It was just staring at me with that same haunting look. Soon it would pay me a visit. I could feel my pulse beating in my ears, blocking out all sound except my breath, that was heavy and ragged. A feeling of dread crept up my stomach and I felt extremely sick. I was paralysed and was stuck in the spot, the menacing aura of it was holding me in a strengthening tight grip.

If I could move, I would. But it's impossible for me to move now. It had drawn me in.
The screen started to change , and I regained control of my body. I grabbed a knife and stabbed the cartridge with it. I had no avail. It broke, but the screen still changed.
The screen changed into my trainer, lifeless and dull, hanging by a rope. The background was black. The screen flashed, and a bloody gash appeared on the trainer's arm.I was traumatised at this point. I regret all I had done in the past. All of it.

Without warning, it appeared again. It was sitting right next to the hanging trainer. It was staring at me again. I was frozen on the spot. It was holding a serrated knife covered in blood. Another flash occurred. I winced as I saw the sight of my trainer's stomach organ hanging out of a huge cut on his belly, swinging back and forth, blood dropping out of the hanging trainer's mouth. It looked close to completely dropping out. My blood ran cold. My hands were shaking. I had my Gameboy Advance in one hand, and the knife I used to crush the cartridge in the other.

My hand that held the knife slowly moved itself. I was completely unnerved and startled by this. It positioned itself one centimetre away from my own stomach.
Instantaneously, I realised what it was going to do.
Tears streamed down my face. I couldn't say anything. I couldn't call for help. I knew this is what I deserved. I braced myself as the knife violently dug into my flesh, ripped it as it travelled sideways, and took itself out.

I was still paralysed but the agony I felt was incredibly dreadful and horrendous. I couldn't scream at the excruciating amount of pain I felt, I can't even describe it. I felt a chronic crippling pain, it was unbearable...I coughed up incredible amounts of blood. I then watched unendurably as my hand moved the knife inside the cut and stabbed my stomach organ. This time, I instantly vomited up blood, much more blood than before. I remember passing out as my own hand brought my stomach organ out of my body. The pain was severe, too severe for me to handle. As I was passing out I heard a wicked, distorted laugh.

I woke up in the hospital about 2 years later. It put me into a coma.
I wrote this as a warning to everyone who plays Pokémon...

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12-12-2014, 10:59 AM
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RE: "It"
Did he mean the GHOST pokemon?
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09-05-2015, 06:35 PM
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RE: "It"
Well written, but it relies on the overused trope of the game getting revenge on you (coming to life and attacking you,etc). There were no spelling or grammar errors that I saw.

I kind of wish it would have been from the POV of a team rocket grunt who was actually being haunted by the marowak mother in Lavender Town. I feel like that would have kept from being as clichéd. However, despite all of my negative comments, it was still enjoyable to read! Good job!

Gardevoir used Protect!
But it failed...
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