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[Creepypasta] Dark Angel
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Dark Angel
Note: This is a bit of a sad story. I was going to post another creepypasta but I dreamt this one last night after I read the Lavender Town Final Update post. It's very sad... I woke up crying. I was the Absol in the story, and felt all its pain. This is somewhat adapted to the creepypasta form. Everything was in the dream except for the last paragraph.

Absol. We are the most hated Pokemon in the whole world. We are called demons and pests and bad-luck bringers. All of us have our own stories. This one, although, is mine.

I wagged my tail as my trainer climbed up the rocks. The sun grinned down on us. We were on a trip to gather Pecha berries for the Pokemon that had been poisoned by the nearby Tentacool in the water. They were annoying everyone. As we neared the top, my trainer smiled at the view. Her long hair flowed in the breeze. I watched as she picked the berries for a moment, and then I joined in. The sweet taste flooded my mouth and I struggled to not eat them right there. I knew it would get me a scolding. About an hour later, we headed back down the hill. The lanterns lit up the pretty village. She handed the basket of berries to the Town Healer, receiving a small container of grain in return. I happily smiled as my trainer petted me, feeling content. We headed to bed and fell asleep instantly.

The next morning, my abnormally long hearing picked up a stamping noise. Wild Bouffalant were within miles of the village! I called as loud as I could and got shushed for my trouble. I ran to the nearby herd, telling them to stop. They ignored me, and I ran side by side with them, trying to stop them with rewards and glory promises. They pounded on, and as we neared the village, several accusing fingers pointed at me and screamed, " The Absol is a demon! It has brought wild Pokemon to demolish our village!" "What?!", I thought. I was only trying to warn them! I ran faster, and got in front of the wild Pokemon. Instead of stopping them, they trampled me. I lay there, bleeding, helpless. As the Pokemon left the village, I surveyed the damage. Half the village was crushed! A dead male child lay on the ground with his arms pulled off, and head tilting to the side. Ampharos, a good friend of mine, also known as Amphy lay next to the boy dead, her light gone out. A mob of villagers marched towards my house, pulling out my owner and chanting, "Kill the witch! Her demon Pokemon was brought to destroy us!" I could only watch as the mob tied her to a pole and set the wood underneath her on fire. I screamed, "No!!", but they could not understand me. My trainer, she gave me one last sad, hopeful look and then started to scream as her legs burned off. The scent of burning flesh filled the air. After what seemed like hours, the screams ended abruptly and the mob turned on me. Many of them screamed to burn me to death too, but instead they started to beat me to death. I didn't struggle as the rocks hit my forehead and body. Being a clever Pokemon, I willed my heart to stop hoping to die or be ignored. They stopped, thinking I was dead. While they left to leave me to rot, I painfully dragged myself away. Hours later I reached the mountain where I had picked berries yesterday. I ate one and the last thing I saw before I blacked out was Pokemon standing over me.

I woke in a small cave, dimly lit by a Charmander's tail. I saw the pile of food beside me. These Pokemon had saved my life! "Thank you! How can I ever repay you?", I asked. No one replied until a younger Absol stood over me. "Don't," she said. "I saw the whole thing." Tears filled my eyes as I recalled yesterday's memories. "No one else here will talk. They are sworn to silence". She glanced around. "Leave when you are ready".

Years had passed. I had been trained by these silent, deadly Pokemon. The Dragonite was an exceptional teacher. My wounds were finally healed. I knew it was my time. I had learned the secrets of silence. I pulled myself to my paws, never looking back as I climbed the rocks away from my accursed village. I would warn other people who deserved it.

I'm nothing but a shadow, a wisp of black air. I bring chaos and peace. Villages are scarred beautifully in my presence. Organized chaos, you could say. I have become a sleek, well groomed kleplomanaic. Stealing is my profession. One day, I will come to your village, granting your heart's desire, or murdering your village and everyone you love mercilessly. Look for me, or wait.. bEwAre.. The Dark Angel.

If only I was loved.
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