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[Creepypasta] Squiddy
06-19-2014, 01:57 PM
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Pikachu Created by Fabytetrix


" It lures its prey close with hypnotic motions, then wraps its tentacles around it before finishing it off with digestive fluids. "

- Pokémon Y


I once had a Malamar on my Pokémon X, but I gotta say. I feel guilty for having one, And for EVER encountering one.


One day, I was playing on my Pokémon X, playing mini-games with my Jirachi, then my pikachu, my chatot, my Amaura, and then my Phantump.

They were all my best of friends. But, I wanted to have another pokémon to my party, so he\she\it and I can be best of friends, too.

So, I have decided to encounter a water type in my party, so It can be my assistance for when I need to surf somewhere, to use dive on somewhere, or even use waterfall.

I checked on google "Pokemon X pokemon list" for some help, so I can find my new best friend. And then, I found Inkay.

It was so cute looking, so I went to search on
" Where Inkay is located "
To know where to find this little squid-like creature. It said I had to go either search on Route 8, Azure Bay, or in the friend safari.


I didn't beaten the champion yet, so then, I decided to go to Azure Bay.
I went to my menu, and pressed on the little, green pokeball button on my touchscreen, and took out Chatot ( I named her Musicah ) and clicked on " Use a move ", then " Fly " and tried to search for Azure Bay.

I couldn't find it, so I went on to Route 8. ( Its in the middle of Cyllage City, and Ambrette town )

Once I arrived to Cyllage City, I head on to Route 8, and searched for either patches of grass, or yellow flowers. I first found the patch of grass, so I went through the patch of grass and walked around.

I encountered a bunch of pokemon in 3 minutes, once the clock hit to the third minute, I encountered a male, level 14 Inkay.

" Yess! " I said happily, and a never stopping smile flashed through my face as I looked at how cute Inkay looks.

" I'm going to catch it! I'm sure I will! " I said in my mind, as I looked at Jirachi, facing the wild Inkay. I opened my bag, clicked " Poké balls " Then my Quick ball.

" Fabiola used quick ball "

The ball shook once, twice, and three times.

" Gotcha! Inkay was caught! "

I had never been so happy in my life, and then the game asked me if I could give the Inkay a name. I clicked "yes" and named him " Squiddy ". I went on my "Poké Party" to see his summary.

His ability was " Suction cups ", his moves were:

" Reflect "

" Foul play "

" Swagger "

" Psywave "

His nature was gentle. And his characteristics were: " Likes to thrash about " So its nothing bad, nothing creepy at all here. ( I take it all back )


I wanted to train Squiddy, so I with musicah, I flew to " Camphrier Town " and then, went on to " Route 7 " ( Where the Daycare Center is located ) so I can train my new little buddy. But before I could, I almost forgot to make him learn "Surf" "Dive" and "Waterfall", so I went on my bag, went on to "TMs & HMs", then searched for the moves.

I was devastated when I found out that Squiddy cannot learn Surf, Or waterfall, and I remembered that I didn't had the "Dive" Move on my bag.

I sighed, shrugged it off. And forgot about it. Its allright if I didn't had a water pokemon who can learn awesome water moves such as those
in my party anyways, I had some that knew those moves in the PC.


So I continued on training my Inkay in route 7, it was hard since Volbeat kept using " Confuse ray " On Squiddy, and I had no berries or anything to restore from confusion. And he kept hitting himself, so i switched out from Squiddy, to my pikachu named Cheese.

Once I did, also became confused by that stupid Volbeat. Thank God it got paralyzed since Cheese's ability is Static.

Cheese finally snapped out of the confusion, and fainted the wild Volbeat with ease.


After hours in training, I said in my mind..

" Hmmn, Squiddy has been working hard lately, maybe I should give Squiddy a little break, and play minigames with him. "

So then, I went on to " Pokémon Amie ", switched from Jirachi, to Squiddy, and then I pressed " Play "


I played so much with Squiddy, we played "Berry Picker" for an hour.
( Berry picker is my favorite minigame at Pokémon X )

And became good friends with Squiddy. We were inseparateable.
( Though, thats what I thought. )


Days have passed, Squiddy had evolved into Malamar, and we beated the champion with ease once he was trained properly, and with team work. After we did, I decided to go on another journey to finish my
Pokédex with my best friend Squiddy, the Malamar. We encountered many pokemon, we captured the ones I didn't have, and bonded happily and peacefully, until..


I encountered a wild Panpour, I sent out Malmar, he.. Had a grin on his face. His cry wasn't heard at all. All I heard was a quiet, creepy snicker. I'm sure it wasn't from the wild Panpour, why? because it had a sad expression on his face. He was just standing there, he wasn't moving at all, ( The Panpour is a male, yes. ) He gazed at Malmar with fear.

I have never seen that expression in either faces at all. Trust me here,
I had a panpour before when I got my first badge, and I know that Panpours, and most Pokémon has a smile on its face.


This scene was like this for 3 minutes. after those three minutes, A
text box appeared on the bottom:

" Malmar is Hungry, Malmar wants food. "

" What? I just fed him a while ago before we even encountered Panpour! " I said angrily, then I felt this paranoia slowly running through my head. I felt like something was wrong, the game couldn't be hacked. I have NO Action Replay. It couldn't be a glitch, It couldn't
be that the game was about to break, I took great care of the cartridge.

I then thought.. That Malamar is.. No, impossible. He couldn't. Unless..

I quickly went on the computer to check Malamar on and its
Pokédex information.

" It lures its prey close with hypnotic motions, then wraps its tentacles around it before finishing it off with digestive fluids. "

" Wait .. Does that mean Squiddy is going to.. " I said, and quickly paused myself once I was interrupted by a screech on my 3DS's speakers, I went to check what was that noise. Panpour was no longer there. Just a puddle of blood, and a little skeleton.

" What happened to.. To.. N-no. " I said in my mind.
" NO.. It can't be! "

I said under my breath, I looked at Squiddy, Squiddy was facing at me,
and his eyes were missing, I only saw his sockets. His wing-like tentacles were covered in blood, so was his beack. His "Hair" was messy, and it showed me a ministering grin on its face. I couldn't believe my eyes for what I just saw. It was a nightmare. This game
cannot end this way! .. Can it?

A text box suddenly appeared below Squiddy's face, and said:

" Hey, I'm still hungry! "

" Feed Squiddy with more wild Pokémon? "

A "Yes" and "No" Option appeared, I was trembling in fear, not knowing what to do. So I began to think..

" If I press Yes... What if something happens to me? But I don't want Squiddy to eat every Pokémon's organs and crud.. Yet, I'm curious
for what happens if I press yes.. If he kills me.. Then, Atleast I can start
a brand new game, right? And, the wild Pokémon won't die. I prefer starting a new game than seeing Squiddy kill all the innocent Pokémon. But ... My partners will dissapear... Hey- what if I reset the game? "
I said in my mind, then resetted the game normally.


I was praying, hoping that the resetting idea would work, and after that.. What I feared most encountered me.

I was at New Bark town, which it was odd. I didn't pressed New game, and my last save was NOT there, it was where I encountered that Panpour.

I checked on my "Pokémon-Aime" on my touch screen, and instead of
my neatly decorated place to appear, it was covered with black roses,
dried grass, red sky, and 5 gravestones in front of me. Malamar was not there, nor Jirachi, nor Pikachu, nor Chatot, nor Amaura or Phantump. I was frightened, then something in my mind told me to
press the gravestones. Once I did.. I felt like I was about to faint.

" R.I.P. Jirachi, Faby's Physic Pokémon "

" R.I.P Cheese, Faby's Electric Pokémon "

" R.I.P. Amaura, Faby's Ice Pokémon "

" R.I.P. Phantump, Faby's ghost Pokémon "

" R.I.P. Musicah, Faby's Flying Pokémon"

" O-oh my G.. " I couldn't speak too much because
my sobbing kept interrupting every time I tried to speak.

" M-my Po.. My P-P.. Pokémon.. " I
couldn't breathe too well, my hands were covered in tears and agony.

Those weren't just Pokémon to me.

They weren't just digital creatures to me,
they were like my children, and I lost them.


After a few minutes of sadness, a loud, buzz sound cracked on my speakers. I jumped from fear, and looked up at the top screen, my eyes were too watery to see. Once I cleared my eyes, I felt like my heart sunk. I felt like I became numb. I couldn't believe my eyes.


It was Squiddy, again with the same expression as last time, but he held out Cheese's ripped head, with no eyes, and bloody tears ran from them. His expression looked like he was scared, like he needed help, and needed my assistance.

After that image, the screen went black, and another text box appeared..

" Hey, I'm hungry again,..
Maybe you would like to join
your Pokémon,
and help me be satistfied! "

He then came out of the screen, and grabbed my neck.
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06-19-2014, 02:00 PM
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RE: Squiddy
And this is why I hate squids!
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06-19-2014, 09:42 PM
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RE: Squiddy
Way cool story!!

[Image: Kato2_zpsc944290c.png]

[Image: oDaX6.gif]
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06-20-2014, 09:39 AM
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RE: Squiddy
(06-19-2014 09:42 PM)Turras Wrote:  Way cool story!!

Well actually, that's not why I hate squids, but it's a good excuse to hate them. Another excuse: SkyDoesMinecraft HATES them.
Another excuse: They taste terrible
Another excuse: They are ugly.
Another excuse: I hate them so it's okay to hate them..
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