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[Creepypasta] One Last Wish
06-18-2014, 04:53 PM (This post was last modified: 06-18-2014 08:04 PM by FabyTETRIX.)
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One Last Wish
[Image: One-Last-Wish-459900900]

Sleepy Pikachu Created by: Fabytetrix


My name is Mona, I am a 20 year old woman living in an apartment in Chicago.

I was a huge fan of pokemon, including.. Jirachi. Well.. WAS.
After for what just happened to me, I will never see Jirachi as innocent as I thought it would be.

One day, I was searching for a game for me to play on my new black Dsi ( I only had nintendogs, but I grew tired of it ), and then I saw pokemon Heartgold. But it was out of stock, so was Soulsilver.
So I went to gamestop and asked for the game if they had Pokemon Heartgold, they said no. Not even ***** Soulsilver.


I went DAYS searching for the game. DAYS. Until, One I was about to give up, this strange man with bandages covering his eyes said to me: " Take this. No refunds, just take it. And never come back. "
He handed me over Soulsilver, and he vanished. The game looked strange to me, because it had jirachi looking strait at me, but innocently.
The background was bloody, and the text font was bloody as well. and instead of saying soulSILVER, it said SoulWISH.
It was so damn weird to me, but I ignored it.


Once I got home, I sat on my sofa, turned on the Dsi, and played the game. And boy, I feel guilty for doing so.

The game started normally as usual, Lugia swimming in the water on my touch screen, but.. The title said: " POKEMON ______ " . Just like that. I founded strange, but I continued anyway. on the file, the character's name was .. MonA. What the *****? huh, maybe the last owner who owed this game the weird guy's friend or family member's name is Mona? Anyway, She had all of the badges, a huge maximum of cash, and the time was 666:00

Uh, okay? I said in my mind after I looked at the hour, then just clicked the game without thinking.

I was in Lavender town, near the cementery. I looked around, and then checked on my party.

All I had was just ONE Wooper. Then, I decided to check on my bag; I had everything. I exited the bag, and went out of Lavender town, headed to the patch of grass, and encountered a pokemon. Oddly enough, it was.. Jirachi? Well, I must be lucky, I guess. I sent out Wooper, and I was ready to fight the legendary Jirachi.

But, I only had the FIGHT! button.. No BAG, no POKEMON option. Not even RUN. just FIGHT!. I didn't wanted to kill Jirachi! But, i guess I have no other choice, right?
So I used tackle, and Jirachi didn't lose any HP.. Maybe it was a glitch. then, a text box appeared..


I was shocked for what I just read. Murdure? Thats not a pokemon move!


I was speechless as I saw that my screen went black, and heard a screech sound, and went the screen came back Wooper was headless, and then.. A text box appeared, saying:


Wait, HOLD ON.. Dead? Pokemon don't die! They get knocked out! How is that even possible? I then began to feel paranoid..I felt like something bad is going to happen.


Then a text box said:

" MonA ran out of POKEMON! "


"MonA went insane!"

Then, I saw the girl trainer there with hyper-like, realistic red eyes, small pupils, an evil, sinister smirk, and the scariest part of all.. She was holding a GUN. Pointing at Jirachi as she held the headless wooper. I almost had a heart attack when I saw that. Jirachi's teary eyes was the saddest thing to see. I felt so guilty, I was pressing RUN. But the text box said:

" MonA doesn't want to leave! "

" MonA used KILL! "

The black screen appeared again, All I can hear is gunshots, blood splattering, and hearing Jirachi's voice go weaker, and weaker, until.. 3 minutes then, It stopped. Everything was quiet. Until, a text box appeared:

" MonA Killed JIRACHI! "

" NOOoo..! " I said softly as I covered my mouth, and my Dsi turned off by itself (the battery was full, so it wasn't the battery, it was the game) I was so scared to turn it back on, It was late, so I went to bed. I had trouble sleeping, but I slept anyway. Having nightmares of Jirachi dead on the floor in a pool of blood. I was in front of Jirachi, sobbing. And Haunters surrounded me, calling me " Monster " repeatedly. It was a horrible nightmare, so I woke up early at 3:00 And calmed myself down so I can go back to sleep.


Next day, at 3:00 PM, I played again. The title's screen.. Was so disturbing to see, Instead of Lugia swimming in the ocean, it was DEAD. The water was RED instead of BLUE. I just ignored it and began to play, The character's name was now " MONSTER ", Had NO cash, NO badges, and the time was still 666:00.

I just clicked continue, and then I appeared to be in The pokemon tower. Which it was odd for me since the pokemon tower was replaced with a radio tower in the DS version of Soulsilver and Heartgold. ( I had Heart gold before, but it broke. And a friend of mines had Soulsilver. )

I checked on my bags to see if there was an escape rope; none. I had NOTHING in my bags. Which it was odd since I had almost every single item in the game.

But what was more odd, is that.. There is no music, and instead of the place having color, the place had inverted colors. When I turned my sprite to look at me, her eyes are missing, her face was in blank. She had no mouth, and no eyes. What is weird is that.. She had bloody stained tears at where the eyes should be.


I checked on my profile status ( Where you see you, your money, your badges, ect. )
And the character got me in shock. My lungs were squeezing, I felt like someone was choking me, and I felt like my skin turned a bit pale for what I saw. It was so realistic, I was parilyzed of how shocking the image was. It was Jirachi showing its sockets, her neck was stitched up to her head, her belly eye was opened, black, with a red shiny pupil, and stitched to the belly. Jirachi's hands were blood stained, and her two tails ( Or whatever they are ) were also stained with splattered, dark red blood. Thats not all, I saw three, little black dots on her head, tearing up blood. I'm pretty sure that was the gunshots for when my avatar MonA murdured it.

It wasn't grinning, Jirachi's mouth was gooing with a black, gooey black liquid. And the mouth was shaking as it puked the black substance. I almost barfed, I tried to shut down my Dsi, but my dsi was budged. It couldn't close at all, like something was holding the top, preventing it to be closed. I tried pressing the power button, but it was stuck. like something inside the Dsi was blocking the power button so it can work.


I was freaking out at the moment, then I had no choice; but to cancel "my" status. Once I did and I was back in the overworld, people surrounded me, I was stuck. I talked to them one by one. From the youngest, to the oldest.

Female Child: " .. You monster! Now my wishes won't come true! "

Thats all she said, No matter how many times I tried talking to her; she said the same word. Then, I went to the Ace trainer.

Ace Trainer: " .. You horrid monster. Everyone's wishes had vanished because of you."

She said a bit differently from the little girl, but still. I tried talking to her to see if she said anything else, but she's just like the little girl. Same words, no matter what.
So I went on to the Scientist.

Scientist: " .. You are a demon."

I felt guilty for what happened to Jirachi. But I didn't do it on purpose!
I tried talking to the elderly woman.. And she said..

Elderly woman: " .. You are a disgrace. You should be ashamed of yourself for what you have done. "

Like I said: It wasn't on purpose! It was the avatar that went crazy, I couldn't control her!


After that my avatar- or should I say MonA, backed off a bit and was in the center of the little cirle, then I saw alot of speed text boxes repeating the same word;



After the 10th time they said " MONSTER " MonA was suddenly spun and did the Escape Rope spinning animation. She then appeared to be in the Slowpoke well. So then, I tried moving her around to check my surroundings.. And.. There were NO slowpokes, NO random pokemons, and NO trainers. I was alone.

I tried to leave the cave, but a huge boulder was blocking the way.

So I tried to check on my pokemon to use "Rock Smash" then I remembered that the only pokemon I had was Wooper. And it died.

Looks like I was 100% alone. But then, when I walked to where I first appeared in the well ( when I teleported ), I saw something. Oh no. Oh HELL no. It was a Jirachi. And it was NOT floating.


It was facing its back at my avatar, just looking at a rocky wall in front of it. It was shaking a bit, and glitching each 6 minutes. I was too scared to press "A". I felt a sudden dread, so I tried to walk off,
but before I could.. After two steps back..

Jirachi suddenly teleported in front of MonA, and pushed her a bit. It made a very loud, screeching noise. So loud that my Dsi was shaking, and both upper and touch screen were flickering and glitching. My ears felt like the drums were about to explode. After 3 seconds of that screech, it became silent for a minute, then Jirachi pushed MonA three times repeatedly, and a text box appeared..

" You killed me, look what you have done to me. YOU RUINED MY LIFE. NOW you will SUFFER the same way I did for when YOU killed ME! "

A sudden battle scene appeared, and Instead of seeing Jirachi fly; it was on the ground, standing in the same appearance I saw in "my" status. However, Jirachi was clenching its fists, glaring at MonA and bending its back a bit like it was trying to get close to something it tried to see on the ground.


Like I said; I had no pokemon, so MonA had fallen on her knees, and begging at Jirachi. Like she was begging for Jirachi's forgiveness. A text box suddenly appeared..


Then, the
screen went entirely black, even my touch screen; and a shiny slash sound effect appeared in my speakers, and a quick blood splatter. I was scared, yet curious to know what happened to MonA, and then..
I was shocked. MonA's head was cut off. You can see the neck bone perfectly, and blood squirting animation appeared around her neck bone. Jirachi was smirking, then Jirachi got close to MonA's body and a
text box appeared again once the whole screen went pitch black..


" JIRACHI has killed MonA with Joy and Insanity! "

Then, Sonic EXE's laugh appeared on my speakers, but in a higher pitch. I flinched when I heard it. And sat there, paralyzed on my sofa. Then I began to think..

My GOD. I mean- sure, MonA deserved it, but this greatly disturbed me! However, i wonder what was Jirachi's one last wish? Then, I tried to see if something else would happen, but the screen stayed in black, no matter what I pressed, it stayed in black. A sudden static wrapped through my veins, and hands. It made me shriek in fear and drop the Dsi. And then, after a few minutes, I picked up my Dsi, picked up a hammer, and smashed it to pieces. Including the cartridge
in it. I then threw everything away. Every single piece, And cartridge is gone. Last Sunday, the dumpster man came, and threw away the garbage can that had the Dsi, and cartridge in. I was relieved that the game
is gone.


So everything is back to normal, until today.. I got a packaged from someone named Jerry. It was odd, I don't know any Jerrys. And, it was adressed to me. I shrugged it off, and opened the box.. When I did ..

The same Jirachi I saw in the game.. Same eyes, belly, blood stained arms and tails was in that box in plushie form. Now I realize what its last wish was: To haunt me forever.
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06-08-2015, 06:55 AM
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Wink RE: One Last Wish
Nice! But i found it funny at some parts for some reason Shy
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09-05-2015, 06:17 PM (This post was last modified: 09-05-2015 06:21 PM by KotahAriah.)
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RE: One Last Wish
Not badly written, but the "haunted game" trope is a little overdone and there were a few spelling errors. The biggest one being "murdure". My only other complaint is that by describing things about the game (the badges menu) actually takes the reader out of the world. I recommend not mentioning other creepypastas, that drags the reader out of the story and you lose all atmosphere.

If this was meant to be a parody, kudos
Otherwise it just needs polishing is all.

Gardevoir used Protect!
But it failed...
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