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Interview with a Porygon. Life Cycle.
03-28-2014, 01:48 AM
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Interview with a Porygon. Life Cycle.
-Porygon was hatched from an egg. He did not seem curious and started moving about on his own accord as soon as he was hatched.

Scientist: "Hello, Porygon. How are you?"

Porygon: "Porygon is at 99.654% condition. Exceptional for a hatchling. Awaiting directions."

Scientist: "What does this room look like to you?"

Porygon: "Porygon's observations suggest black tiling and white plaster walls. Average size room. Oxygen 67%"

Scientist: "Alright, good. We will study Cyberspace with you. Are you excited?"

Porygon: "Porygon does not posess the ability to be 'excited'. Will further perform directions in Cyberspace, once queued."

-Porygon has been able to travel through the internet. We took special care to guide Porygon only through routes to our abroad online development team. Results were perfect.-

-The possibility for Porygon to enter space outside of our planet had been made possible. It also upgrades the firmware to better emulate emotion.-

-Applied Upgrade to Porygon.-

Scientist: "Hello, Porygon2. How are you?"

Porygon2: "Definitely not blue."

Scientist: "Heheh. What do you observe this room to be like?"

Porygon2: "Same boring ol' room. Black tiling, white walls, strange smell. Could use a bit of lysol."

Scientist: "Right. You are tasked to explore the reaches of space to discover life on other planets. Are you anticipating it?"

Porygon2: "Oh, definitely! I heard Clefairies were up there! When's the day, boss?"

Scientist: "We will put you on a set course, so we won't lose you. Report your findings here."

-Porygon2 was sent to space. Porygon2 explored the moon and various neighboring planets. Discovered there were actual life around these planets on rare occasions. The discovery of Clafairies, Clefables, and Lunatones were confirmed.-

-Upon return to the Earth, a team of competing scientists illegally stole Porygon2. Porygon2 obviously frightened. Porygon2 fought and struggled to no avail as the assailants smuggled him into a cargo ship.-

-Reports of an illegally made disk by the competing scientists became known to us personally. The dubious software bypassed our anti-hacking firmware, setting aside various parts of information that dealt with his psyche, with the intent to allow for inter-dimensional travel.-

-Police acquired the stolen, evolved Porygon2. The newly evolved pokemon referred to himself as Porygon Z. Showed aggressive and paranoid behavior. Has various bouts of twitching.-

Scientist: "Hello Porygon Z."

PorygonZ: "HELL! What, oh hi."

Scientist: "How do you feel, Porygon Z?"

PorygonZ: "I'm everywhere, man. It is IT IS.... Yes, it is, it is freaking me out, dudeman."

Scientist: "Calm down. You are among friends, remember?"

PorygonZ: "I love you and fear you, but I am trying to love you. You monster."

Scientist: "Good. Set your inhibitions aside and tell me what you see in this room."


Scientist: "Demons?"

PorygonZ: Oh yeah, they're everywhere. I'm everywhere. You're everywhere. I'm a human. I'm a pokemon. I'm a table lamp. I don't know anymore."

Scientist: "I see..... So , Porygon Z.... we are thinking about using your ability to travel dimensions...."


-PorygonZ then impaled the scientist with his beak, then promptly tried to escape the room. Several security forces took PorygonZ into containment, and set him into a safety locked cage.-

-PorygonZ is seen yelling out obscenities and screaming trumpet sounds in the tune of "Wedding March" and "Pomp and Circumstance". PorygonZ expressed fear of images appearing next to him for split seconds. Studying how to tame PorygonZ....-
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