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[Creepypasta] The Glitch From Hell
03-21-2014, 12:55 AM
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The Glitch From Hell
Not all off the clones of Mew were as successful as Mew Two. Over a hundred of these failed clones were created. The first five weren’t even alive, but the sixth was a horribly disgusting creature. It looked alive, but nobody could be sure. The creature appeared to be a mess of static, and it let lose a deafening cry that caused many to bring their hands to their ears. One woman screamed when she saw the creature.

“It’s unnatural!” She gasped, pointing at the creature. “That thing, I don’t even know what it is, and I really don’t want to.”

The horrifying creature let out another high-pitched, electrical cry, shattering the glass of its containment unit. The way it moved cannot be fully described in words. It seemed to float, slither, and crawl all at the same time. Isaac, one of the lab technicians, tried to subdue the creature, only to be thrown back by an invisible wall of static.

The monstrosity moved from computer to computer, absorbing all data from each and every one of them, rendering them useless. The lab technicians attempted to scan the supposed Pokemon with a Pokedex to discover if it truly was one. The Pokedex showed signs of recognizing it, but shut down, and became unresponsive before an entry was shown. Because of this, the Pokemon was named Missing No., the only Pokemon missing from the Pokedex.

Suddenly, the creature split into two identical blobs of static. The scientists were all amazed, they’d never seen a Pokemon reproduce asexually before.

Everybody backed away from the Pokemon, except of Isaac. Since they were Pokemon, he should be able to catch it. He hurled two Ultraball’s at the strange creature. They were sucked into the capsule, making terribly earsplitting noises as they were forced inside the devices.

The odd creature’s Pokeball’s was buried off the shore of Cinabar island, and left there for ten years. When the Pokeballs were dug up, they were empty. Nobody knows what exactly happened to Missing No., but it is presumed to still be living near where its Pokeball was buried, reproducing rapidly and searching for its creators.

(Not mine -Credit-)
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