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[Creepypasta] The Chill
03-21-2014, 12:50 AM
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The Chill
It was a day like any other. A day without incident. I was relaxing with my dear Viola, a Chatot that has been my closest companion for as long as I can remember. I would make my commute every day while listening to her beautiful voice, singing soft melodies and tunes that make work enjoyable at times. It was a day like any other.

Until my son returned home.

I loved that boy. More than anything. I was so proud to see him grown into a fine trainer. He would tell me of his adventurous stories, and heated battles. He even told me about how he captured his pokemon.

Of all his pokemon, his newest addition, a Gengar, stood out the most to me. The moment he was released from his pokeball it locked a cold, hungry, narrow gaze with my own. After a few prolonged moments, I broke my attention from it, and asked my son how he got this particular pokemon. He said some random trainer had a Haunter to trade for a simple Nidorino. “He seemed almost relieved to get rid of the poor thing”, my son stated. “Too bad he didn’t know that they evolve when you trade them”.

It was late in the night when a sudden chill fell upon my bedroom. It seemed as if the air suddenly dropped 10 degrees. Something was watching me. I sat up on my bed to look around, but saw nothing. “Must be a draft”, I muttered. I laid back down. Moments later, just as I was about to fall asleep, my door creaked open. It was my son, but… Something seemed wrong. He just stood there, eyes like that of the Gengar I encountered earlier today. His figure was fuzzy, blotchy, almost unreal in the way it faded about.

Like a shadow.

He started towards me, unblinking, holding his gaze at my eyes. He was only several inches from my face when he slipped under my bed with unnatural quickness, and appeared on my ceiling. His neck bent grotesquely to face my visage. A wide, blindingly white grin appeared on it.

I scrambled out of my bed, but tripped on my blanket and hit my head on the dresser. Dazed and bloodied, I saw the toothy grin not a hands breadth away from my nose. I tried to scream, but I felt weak.
So weak.

My mouth opened to make a sound, any sound, but to no avail. My head was aching. My heart, pounding. It was surreal. Everything was cold, but I couldn’t shiver. I could do nothing except stare at my own son’s inhumane eyes as he started to open that unnaturally wide grin of his. Then darkness. Nothingness. No eyes, no son, no heart. Except… only…

The chill…

(Not mine -Credit-)
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