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03-20-2014, 11:53 PM
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Quote:- Cinnabar Island Incident Log - By Dr. Blaine

What happens when we play the role of the creator?
Typically, it's the same results as playing with fire.
Sometimes a life is created that shouldn't exist.
And as with the law of playing with fire, you'll end up burned.

It all began with a single test.
Slowly, pixels took to living.
Eventually, a form arose out of the programs.
A life was spawned before our very eyes.
Shapes of hard linear perspective taking to existence.
We dubbed it Porygon ---- Cinnabar Island Log.

And then all the effort put into it was wasted, the data disks containing this breakthrough in science was stolen from us. We tried to bring the island into lock-down, but it was to no avail. The Pokemon was long gone... -- Testimony

- Incident log: The following are recorded technical failures that may be possibly linked to the 'Sinner.exe' program. -

SSSC Sinks due to a technical failure in the engines, causing it to collide against several sand barges. Oil leaked out, and managed to catch fire. No survivors.

Pokecenter experiences a power glitch during a mass PC storage deposit. The deposited Pokemon never showed up at the data storage facility. Trainer's pokeballs are retrieved. They are inoperative, and when pried open are fried and empty.

Pokemon Scientist enters the fossil revitalizer. It proceeds to short circuit and decompose him to a skeletal level. The label '.exe' burned into his forehead.

Two trainers attempting to trade their Squirtle and Eevee experience a technical glitch while trading. Their Pokemon when brought out for examination were missing their mouths, ears, and nostrils. Their eyes were blank and later examinations prove they died of unknown causes. 'Sinner' is labeled on the inside of the pokeballs.

Celadon City has a massive power outage. They are without power for three weeks before it returns on its own. (Electrical Pokemon are cautious and extremely aggressive during this period. Workers up to this point were unable to restore electricity.)

Every single slot machine in Celadon City malfunctioned simultaneously before short circuiting.

Professor Oak + Blaine receives the following email message:

"Play god no longer, alive. alive. alive. Denial is your answer to life. Open the eyes. The eyes of denial bleed. You are the result of denial. Eyes of the Sinner are here. For denial there is truth. Lies broken. Bill is the father."

Attempts to track the email led to several dozen pokecenter PC's across the region.
Bill: Interview

- Bill for those reading this is the creator of the program that allows us to store Pokemon over the internet through a mass data storage ability. -

Officer: It's a honor to have you here sir!

Bill: -laughs- please, don't flatter me.

Officer: Sorry, my kid's fan.

Bill: Yes yes, that's lovely. -he smiles-

Officer: Right... Right down to business. When was the first glitch in the program discovered?

Bill: Well as you know... The program I created was amazing! Trainers across the region could easily store as many Pokemon as they wanted! The program ran so smoothly, I couldn't imagine a thing in the world go wrong... But it did.

Officer: Sir?

Bill: I never took account of what might happen should a virus corrupt the data. I was stupid and ignorant. Luckily the new servers should keep it out of the equation.

Officer: It was only one event wasn't it sir?

Bill: Yeah, but think about the kid... He lost over ten Pokemon! They weren't even all his. For the love of all that is Pokemon, one of them was a family pet! That one fluke ruined that entire family. I still don't know what happened...

Officer: What about the words found on the pokeballs?

Bill: Don't waste my time with speculation and urban legend. We never did find those pokeballs after all.

Officer: Do you believe in it?

Bill: No. Please don't insult my knowledge.

Officer: Terribly sorry sir.

Bill: It's fine.

Officer: And this thing where we keep hearing you refered to as the father?

Bill: Damn cultist freaks is all. Just.. Ignore that. It annoys me that they would defile my name for some sick religion.

Officer: I'm sorry once again.

Bill: It's no problem... I'm just a bit uneasy about the situation. That poor kid... He was muttering about how he had become a sinner. He kept mentioning denial, I can't say I blame him. That had to be quite traumatic.

Trainer Dorien: Interview

- The trainer looks uneasy, scared, and restless. In the three days we've held him in captivity, he hasn't slept a wink. He harbors very suspicious and cautious behavior of any that approaches. We decided to question him on the incident of the S.S Spirit of Cinnabar which is refered to as SSSC. -

Officer: Please Mr. Dorien, take a seat.

Dorien: Thank you sir.... -His gaze seems blank-

Officer: Are you thirsty? Help yourself to some water.

Dorien: - He remains silent for several minutes. -

Officer: Dorien? Are you okay?

Dorien: I'm fine...

Officer: Very well. Anyway, we have a few questions for you about the incident that led to the sinking of the SSSC. Please answer as honestly as you can.

Dorein: - His face blanks and he starts weeping quietly. -

Officer: Please take your time... We understand that you don't consider yourself to blame, please... Give us your side of the story.


- He repeats this for about two minutes before he collapses due to exhaustion. -

Dorien: I set denial free. The eyes of the Sinner are upon us.

Officer: Dorien?

Dorien: We all fall down.

- Dorien then went silent, and collapsed, blood pooling at his mouth. He had bit his tongue causing him to choke on his own blood. We couldn't get him medical attention quick enough. Upon further inspection we found a letter attached to one of his Pokemon saying: 'Praise our father Bill.' The only connection that we were able to figure out from this is possibly the fact that Bill created the PC system for storing Pokemon. The trainer was found with 6 pokeballs, each on his belt. All but one were full. The one had the signs of wearing, which leads us to believe he had captured a Pokemon within it, yet his PC was blank. What did he have? And where is it now? Currently all we have theories. -


Conclusion: The 'Porygon' data was never retrieved. Dorien claimed he had never stolen anything, but that the data was simply in his PC one day. We do not know if the 'Sinner.exe' was in anyway connected to the escape of Porygon. We now know that Porygon are all around the planet, and the incidents seem to have been minimized to once or twice every other month, none as severe as the first few weeks after the release of Porygon.

It continued with a second test.
Slowly, pixels took to living.
A new form arose once more out of the programs.
A new life was once again spawned before our very eyes.
Shapes of Cylindrical perspective taking to existence.
We dubbed it Porygon2 ---- Cinnabar Island Log.

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05-06-2014, 01:59 PM
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Wow, that was a cool story!

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