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Not Fun Anymore
03-15-2014, 12:33 AM
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Not Fun Anymore
Once upon a time, there was a Pokemon Trainer. No one has known any pokemon at the time. So it was up to the Pokemon Trainer to find and document all the known pokemon in the region. He did quite a good job, working on it in tandem with becoming a world renown trainer. He had a lot of fun, training up his Pikachu, encountering the bumbling Snorlax, rescuing the endangered Lapras. and even acquiring all of the rare pokemon known as "Starters" known from his region.

He finally went up against the champion. The rival, who normally didn't think much of the trainer, got bested through his continuous efforts. He then started to change as he was told that no matter what he does.... there will always be someone better than him. He did not want that to be a reality. The thought had driven him to forget his own mother, training in the far reaches of his region, even going so far as to cross to another region to train in the mountains.

His pokemon began to reflect in his personality as well. Even the bumbling Snorlax eliminated mistakes and near robotically follows his commands.

One day, an up and comer came to the mountain this trainer was fighting in. This newcomer encountered this trainer. Now totally silent. All he did to challenge the newcomer was to show him his pokeball, then throw it to initiate the battle. In the most intense, quietest, and heartwrenching battle in history, the newcomer bested this trainer.

Unfortunately for him, this trainer took this too seriously.

As this Newcomer left the Trainer after the battle... this trainer used a max revive on his Charizard, and used it to burn him alive before he had the chance to tell his story.

This trainer's name? Let's simply call him.... Red.
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