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[Creepypasta] The Pokeball Transporter System
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The Pokeball Transporter System
It happened December 16, 1997. I was in Tokyo, watching Pokemon on television. There was an episode with the Matcha City Pokemon Center's Pokeball Transporter not working. When they send a Pokemon to a Center, it comes out as another Pokemon.

"Yeah. Big deal," I thought. But, when Ash, Brock and Misty had to go inside the system with a Porygon and battle Team Rocket, I was like "What the frick?"

Then, it happened. Pikachu blew up the vaccine missiles Nurse Joy inserted into the system, because she thought it was a virus. A red, white, blue and purple cybernetic explosion flashed on and off onscreen. I eventually got a seizure.

I woke up in Matcha City. I was outside its Pokemon Center. I entered. Nurse Joy had a shocked expression on her face, and Nurse Chanseys were running around everywhere.

"Oh dear! What a catastrophe!", she told me. "Our center is in chaos!", she exclaimed.

Then she told me about what happened and what I should do.

"No," I replied.

"I'll just sit on the couches. No sweat..." Then Nurse Joy told me where I had to go.

"No way, Jose. I don't want to go inside the system." Suddenly, Ash and friends came in. Misty had a creepy, evil smile on her face. She picked me up, went to the Computer Teleporter, and threw me in. Then, I got sucked into cyberspace.

Misty had told Nurse Joy to insert the cybernetic anti-virus disc into the system. Bug holes circled me. "SYSTEM ERROR," a red, flashing message on the computer at the Pokemon Center said. Then, a evil vaccine missile chased me.

Luckily, I borrowed a Nurse Chansey from the Pokemon Center, so she used Sing. The attack missed. But, the missile blew up, I got another seizure, and I was back in the Pokemon Center. "The machine's fixed!" Nurse Joy cried. Me and Nurse Chansey were safe and sound. But then a glowing, red smile faded in...

I woke up at the hospital. Everything had been a dream. The glowing smile was just a nightmare and Misty would never be evil. Well, I forgot about it, but a camera video of the episode (the part where they got sucked into cyberspace) I had stored on a USB cable in my closet made me remember my dream. It was super creepy

(Not mine -Credit-)
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