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Experiment X
09-18-2017, 11:58 AM (This post was last modified: 09-18-2017 01:01 PM by VengefulSouls.)
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Experiment X
The humans took them all. My nestmates... my family. My kind, for God's sake. They had no regrets, no regard for what we wanted. They just wanted to enslave us. And that's what they did!
I escaped. But I was the only one. They're looking for me, even now. There's nothing I can do to stop them. I just have to stay hidden.
It's been so long. I haven't eaten in days. I haven't been able to drink anything either. But I promised my kind that even if I died, I wouldn't let myself be caught.
I don't understand why the humans had to take everyone I cared about. Don't they think of anyone other than themselves? Are they too cold-hearted to care?
I tried to fight them. But they were so strong... They almost caught me. My mother was crying when she saw the human try to catch me. When the human threw the Pokeball, my mother jumped in front of it... And she was caught.
I have nightmares of that... I'm haunted, unable to escape what happened. But I'd rather starve to death and live through my nightmares than break my promise.
It's winter... I feel cold... But I still hear them out there, looking for me. I won't let them find me. Not even if they have a warm fire. I won't break my promise.
I hear Jigglypuffs singing... they're trying to draw me out of my hiding place. It's not working. It won't work, I won't let it.
Sometimes I hear my family calling for me. I know it's my imagination. They died. They died because the humans experimented on them. They must have suffered.
Now they want me. I'm not going to give them what they want. They've already taken all the Pokémon in this forest. I'm the only one left.
I remember the first days that the humans came. They destroyed many tree-homes. Many nests. Then they built this awful thing in the middle of all the destruction.
My family always spied on the tower. At first, it seemed normal. But that was before all the small Pokémon, the newly-born ones began to disappear. Then my family spied on the tower at night, too.
Through the windows, they could see the babies dying. They were stabbed and some liquid went into them. The small Pokémon began to twitch... they screamed... it was horrible.
Eventually they died, and when they were thrown out of the building,. we could see their faces were mutilated... They looked as if the humans were trying to turn them into something...else.
The older ones went next. And the same thing happened. Each time, the faces were mutilated even more. Eventually, my parents were taken... and their faces were the worst. I hid.
Now I'm stuck here. The humans know I'm here. They just can't find me. I'm just telling my story so that someone else knows. And someone else can stop the humans. Help the other Pokémon.
Wait... what was that? I hear something... Something bad... They're coming... they know I'm here.
I'm so weak. I can't run. I need to pray they can't find me. But... they're here. They hear me. it's too late.
They have me... One of the humans is saying to the other human "We found it, finally. Good. Now we know it'll work. Admin Elm will be proud of us."
No... the kind Professor who fed me by hand when I was lost? Professor Elm? He's one of them? I need to get away... I need to escape!
I'm too weak. I can't. They're bringing me into the place where they took everyone else. I'm sorry, Mother... I tried.
They've strapped me down. If only I was stronger... but it's too late. I know what's coming. By the time you hear this, I will be dead.
Here comes the needle. They stabbed me with it... but I'm not dying... I feel strange... Almost as if I'm getting stronger.
I feel like I can do anything. They're talking. One is saying "It's too strong... we can't control it!" I can't help but laugh. Now, I can get revenge.
I'll destroy this tower for what the humans did to us. Once that's done, I will destroy the rest of humanity to avoid the fate of the forest again. And all Pokémon will be free.
It feels good to be powerful. To destroy all who stand in my way. To hurt them all. This ruined tower will be my new kingdom. The Burned Tower. The humans may think the tower is good to live nearby. It will make it easier to destroy them.
And you, listener, I suggest you run. I know you. You're just like these humans. Maybe you'll escape. Hopefully not. I'll enjoy killing you.
You understand, don't you?
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