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Gatebox Soon to Release Virtual "Companion in a Bottle"
12-19-2016, 05:23 PM
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Gatebox Soon to Release Virtual "Companion in a Bottle"
It would seem as though the future is coming nearer and nearer. Gatebox, a company in Japan, is now taking pre-orders for their new creation which they are simply titling "Gatebox." Pre-orders are starting at roughly $2,500 (or 298,000 yen).

The "companion" will be able to do things such as remotely turning your lights on, texting you during the day, and (should you own a remote vacuum cleaner) will have the floors vacuumed before you get home, among many other things.
[Image: fig1.png]
Since it is compatible with connecting to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and even Infrared, there is no shortage of potential chores your companion can do to help you. Whether you get home late and want the hall light turned on, or simply want a friend to chat with at work, Gatebox will aid you.

The character itself is projected onto a transparent screen (similar to how Hatsune Miku / Vocaloid concerts are held).
[Image: I2za5Y2.png]
Hatsune Miku live in concert, being projected onto a glass frame.
There is a camera located at the top of the device, which supposedly can read emotional expressions and track movement. The microphone is located directly below the screen, and will feature voice recognition.

Now, perhaps the most interesting topic that has come out of this is not so much the technology in action, but what it is aimed to accomplish. Watching the above video has made many people feel... sad, more than anything. No, not sad that this thing exists, but sad that this device brings to light perhaps the most hidden problem of the modern times - feeling alone, or like no one acknowledges your existence.
In the video, this working man doesn't interact with a single human during the course of his day. He wakes up, rides the bus to work, does his work, rides the bus home, and ends his day at home. He even comments on how nice it is to have someone to come home to at the end of the video. Now, just a brief contextualization:
  • Japan is going through a major birth rate decline.
  • Statistics show that women in Japan gravitate towards men with $3,000+ per month salaries or more. Men that make less than that are less likely to find love.

Many people are saying that this is really speaking to them; having someone you can come home to every day. However, at the same time, it's admittedly a sad fact that many people live with little to no social interaction or friends. You might say "Then go outside!" but when you work like the man in the video does, do you really have time for that?

Regardless, this is much more than a new piece of technology. It's bringing to light the true reality of many young adults.

[Image: 76561198077102472.png]
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