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Server Move - Rob - 05-09-2015 03:30 PM

Hello there guys and gals, I have finally managed to get everything transferred correctly over to the new server. I wish to apologise for the fact that there has been quite a good deal of downtime for Lavender Town, but please understand that I was having to balance academic assignments and personal pursuits while making sure everything was configured correctly.

Everything from the old server has been transferred across so nothing is broken. There should no longer be any 503 errors popping up (if you do get any errors of any kind, please feel free to provide details in the topic for this news piece.

Now, the rationale for moving server is quite simple:
  • More bandwidth
  • More webspace
  • Ability to scale webspace better
  • More addon domains
  • More RAM
  • More freedom over what can be included on the webspace

Ultimately, I have switched the hosting for Lavender Town from a shared host to a VPS host. What this means is that I will be able to provide the ability to grant hosting to members who would like webspace for a project they are running or anything which could be deemed suitable for the community to host.

Needless, I apologise for any downtime that has been suffered while transferring assets across, but believe me that Lavender Town will not be down one moment longer!

Thank you,


RE: Server Move - pokemonwarriorx - 05-10-2015 06:10 PM

Glad to hear!